Groupon starts restaurant reservations tool

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    In a challenge to OpenTable, Groupon has launched a service to let people book restaurant tables at a discount.

    Chicago-based Groupon Inc. said Monday that the feature, called "Reserve," is available in 10 markets, including Chicago, New York City, San Francisco and Washington.

    It's only available for restaurants reservations now. Groupon says it plans to add deals for travel, entertainment, beauty products and other items, along with reservations capabilities for spas, salons and hotels.

    Reserve offers deals for people willing to book a table at less popular hours. Customers will get a discount off their final check without having to buy vouchers ahead of time. Groupon's emailed deals require customers to buy a voucher.

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    They want now to offer "everything", lets hope they don't loose their touch and target markets. They sound more and more like a department store, we all know what happens to them in the longer term when they loose their sights, because they driving on "too many highways".

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