Grey Canada & Yolk Singapore: A LoyaltyMatch connection

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  1. The Hub is a GREAT place to make connections. The casual conversations that start in the hall can turn into new business opportunities or initiatives or partnerships. You are constantly meeting new people with new ideas.

    Sometimes you discover interesting global connections that already exist. Just before Christmas Brad Ball, President of LoyaltyMatch, asked me about supporting a connection he was building in Singapore! Loyalty Match was responding to an inquiry by Yolk to build a loyalty program for one of their prospective clients located in Asia Pacific. On December 20th Yolk was acquired by Grey Asia Pacific, a division of Grey Group.

    In today's digital world, LoyaltyMatch is a key service and intelligence provider for companies looking for ways to dispense virtual currency in exchange for time, loyalty or insight; trading time or loyalty for rewards that can be redeemed in a multitude of ways. They provide the platform and the capability for companies to develop new ways to engage a viewer, a participant, a customer, while also measuring the experience through real time analytics.

    Source: Grey Canada blog

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