Greekin’ Out for Aegean Airlines

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    I don’t know about you, but I love Greek food. From gyros to spanokopita, moussaka to pasticio, melitzanosalata to just a plain ol’ Greek salad, I’m a sucker for the Mediterranean flavors of the Greek Isles. Here in LA, our Greek options are severely limited. There’s Taverna Tony in Malibu and Petros in Manhattan Beach, but they’re both far enough away that they’re not on the menu for regular visits. Even The Great Greek in Sherman Oaks is beyond my normal boundaries, so I’m left with wishes for a closer Greek place of note and dreams of amazing Greek meals from long ago in Chicago. I’ve never been to Greece. It’s high up on my list, but I’ve never been able to actually put a trip together, so I don’t know just how good the food there really is, but I have an imagination and in my mind, the feta is the perfect balance of creamy/tangy and the lamb is so tender it disappears into vapor on the way to your mouth. Does that mean the Greek food on a Greek airline would be just as good? Maybe! The folks over at Inflight Feed (one of my few compatriots in the airline food blog world) put together a video of a recent Aegean Airlines flight and the food looks delicious. I wish they had actually bothered to describe the meal, but the video is more than enough to get me salivating. Check it out: Those tomatoes look like they’re — gasp! — actually fresh! It also looks like there’s a pasticio served in international economy (to make a crass American comparison, it’s kind of like beef-a-roni) and some lamb in international business. Lamb is a perfect choice for an inflight meal. The fatty nature of the meat combined with the fact that it doesn’t have to be served at a specific temperature (like medium rare) means that it won’t dry out by the time it gets to you. This whole series of meals looks pretty good to me. There’s a certain value in flying smaller airlines affiliated with distinct cultures. The food on-board gives you a small glimpse into the food culture of their home country and I’ll take that over another bland sandwich any day of the week. Have you ever flown Aegean? I’m dying to know if it’s as good as I hope it is. Photo: Some rights reserved by Geoff Peters 604 The post Greekin’ Out for Aegean Airlines appeared first on Fly & Dine.

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