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    Landing at ATH at 12:50pm. There are flights to Santorini that afternoon. Looking for suggestions. Stay the night in Athens then fly to Santorini the next day or book a late afternoon flight to Santorini on day of arrival?

    Any input appreciated!

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    Love Santorini. Have any other plans in ATH?

    I'd advise no more than two days in ATH if you're staying there. if you've never been, go and see the Acropolis first thing in the morning and then head out before it gets crazy warm. You can also grab a boat from Pireaus if you do that; it may be cheaper and easier than heading back out to ATH and catching a plane.
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    Separate tickets/alliances? That can make a big difference if you miss the second flight due to IROPs on the first.

    Instead of heading into Athens for about one night, think about going to smaaller town or resort not too far from the airport. However, be aware that roads and traffic conditions might make this strategy not save anything on time or taxi fares.

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