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    It's taken me a while to get around to posting this.

    As most of you know, 10/1 was the day that UA and CO merged... it also happened to be my birthday. My wife got a great gift for me that my birthday that happens to relate to the UA/CO merge... six prints from the United Airlines Collector Series. Each print has the signature of Nixon Galloway, the notation of the plane type, and a card attached to the back with some detail. For example:

    Boeing Model 247
    After its maiden flight in February, 1933, United Air Lines accepted delivery in April for its eastern division. As the first low-winged, all-metal, twin-engined air transport on the scheduled airlines -- its speed, comfort and safety created excitement in airline circles and was quickly accepted by the public -- making all other transports suddenly obsolete. Twenty-sever 247D's were taken over from UAL and other airlines by the Army in 1942 and saw duty with the Air Transport Command during the war.​

    Then there is a bunch of technical data... including the price. (The 247D was approximately $50,000 at factory field!)

    So, here's the list of prints:
    • Travel Air 5000 1928 - 1929
    • Curtiss Falcon 1929 - 1930
    • Northrop "Alpha" 2 1931
    • Boeing Model 247-D 1933 - 1942
    • Lockheed Lodestar 1941 - 1942 (Missing the info card)
    • Boeing Stratocruiser 1950 - 1954
    Needless to say, I'm as pleased as punch. I've been scouting exactly how and where I want to hang them. Definitely in my home office, but the logistics are a little sticky. Representations can be found at
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    That's c:cool::cool:l! If only I had more wall space here... Thanks for sharing the link!

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