Great service by SMS today...and here's why

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    So, a DL sched change created an MCT violation at YUL on one of my notorious itins. This kind of thing is inevitable given the complexity of these trips.

    I called into SMS. The agent checked MCT and saw the violation. I told her I didn't need all the segs [actually, arriving in ORD earlier that day positions me nicely for a Star MR that same evening. Muahaha!] So, she offered me either other AF connex or the KL service via AMS. I took the KL option which she reserved and then sent over for reissue. She saw that all EC seats were blocked; however, she was able to enter the KLM system, assign me an EC seat and then checked to ensure it was showing on the DL system. It was :)

    This was all accomplished quickly, politely and efficiently. She did not allow the awful lack of interoperability of DL/AF/KL systems to impede her from solving the problems. I had expected to have to drive this convo along at each step using MCT violations etc. but she was a step ahead, always offering a good option before I needed to read the KL timetable or anything like that.

    Of course I wanted to know why this excellence. As we know, this is not normal DL SMS service.
    There's a reason for this. I asked the agent where she was located...


    I thanked her once again, told her I wasn't surprised and remembered the redtail Elite line party. She was animated and enthusiastically thanked everyone who had contributed - these agents remember the event well.

    They are awesome. I don't feel that the DL borg is responsible for this excellence. Because it was a major factor in the fanatical red kool-aid drinking of years gone by. They took ownership of our problems and FIXED THEM. It was fabulous.
    It is very unfortunate for all of us that these agents are not a. handling all Medallion calls and b. in charge of designing and delivering CS solutions that deliver high quality service. DL management could learn a lot from them.

    Jeff R: you should learn from these guys. Go sit and listen to how well they handle customers' issues, despite your infernal obfuscation.
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    NW was awesome. DL blows.

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