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    We are presently in the Grand suite at the Grand Hyatt DFW. The wife did not want to spend an 8 hour layover at the Admiral's club and I did not want to pay $500 for 8 hours at a hotel (the rate shown on the website), so I spoke with Fred the front desk manager who was extremely helpful in giving us a room for $200.00 for the 8 hours. He was then extremely generous in giving us the Grand Suite which is a fantastic 1 bedroom 2 bath suite with all the amenities one could ask for. We have an Apple computer and printer set up at the work desk. All blinds and drapes are electric and are controlled from pads on the wall and at the desk. Lights and temperature are also controlled from the same pad. If anyone will be staying here, I would highly recommend trying to get this suite. It is fantastic and Fred's help is greatly appreciated.
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    Sorry I'll miss you guys. I'm flying out of DFW tomorrow and on Sat. Where are you headed?
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