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    We are staying at GH Bali in 2 weeks. Anyone who has stayed here recently can tell us what to expect as Diamond? Any recommendation for specific room or area of this property we should ask for? Thanks!
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    Oh!! Good thread. I have a rezzie for a suite in July. Not sure if I will keep it or if I will switch to Banyan Tree or an Aman property.

    Take some pics and post them here, would ya? [​IMG]

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    As a Diamond, you will be upgraded to a Club room with lounge access. Diamond amenity varies, ranging from a T-shirt, local souvenir, or F&B items. The property was recently renovated, about 2 or 3 years, I think.

    Banyan Tree and any of the Bali Amans are way above and beyond Grand Hyatt. Even an Exec Suite at GH is less impressive than the standard room at Amankila, for example.
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    Thanks for the info theskyflyer. Are major differences on the location of the room?

    Yes. I'll post some pix when we get back.
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    I'll keep a close eye on this thread as I am currently booked at the GH Bali for a week -- award stay at the old rates. [​IMG]
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    That's exactly what I did [​IMG]
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    Stayed here 3 weeks ago for the FT Bali Post-DO and I'm a Diamond. Things worth noting is the suite upgrade goes far. I used my last remaining one for a 3 night stay and would estimate I had a 1200 SF room with seating for 12. Overall the property is in great condition but it's getting expensive. It's up 25% from last year and at $150 a night with my corporate rate, so the value is going away. The diamond amenity was a fruit basket with about 10 different types of fruit.

    The club lounge could be better IMO. Cocktails are from 5-7 and the breakfast and snacks only have 2 hot options with for example eggs being one of them served in a very tiny bowl. I thought the concierge in particular were great and they were a big help in finding where to dine.

    My only major complaint with the property is the internet was horribly slow and many of the rooms don't have wireless networks. I was able to get about 80kbps which is unworkable for me.
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    Just got back from GH Bali. Used points to upgrade to a suite with living room, dinning room, large double-sink bathroom and balcony with 3 chairs.

    The staff, especially the lounge staff, is one of best we have experienced at any hotel, ever! May be it's the Balinese hospitality. We were happy with the breakfast choices, though not extravaganza, for the 5 nights we were there, they have different items everyday. Balinese Coffee, smoothies and juices made to order, wine and beer during happy hours.

    bschaff1, you are right about the internet it was unbearably slow, and kept dropping every 30 seconds, they finally replaced the wireless router in the club lounge the day before we departed. Looks like the internet issue in the lounge is fixed. There's still no in-room wireless, only wired.
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    Stayed here last August on points. As a Diamond, I got upgraded to an Ocean View room, though not a Club room. My room was in Building 3, whereas the Club is located in Building 2, so it was quite a walk.

    The room was big with a smallish balcony and it looked and felt a bit tired. The TV was an old CRT. I liked the open-air club lounge with its mini Balinese zoo, although the food selection in the mornings and evenings was just ok, nothing special.

    Service can be a bit patchy but overall the staff was very polite and friendly.
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    Pictures please !
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    Staying here now. Here are some pictures. If you guys have any specific questions, please ask.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Grand Hyatt Bali

    A long and detailed report.

    I typed this into Word, so as not lose it. Not sure if the formatting is off or not.

    After having a great stay at the Bali Hyatt, I was sad to leave. I had actually tried to extend my
    stay here, but the prices had shot up a lot, and were actually more expensive than the Grand

    I had a week booked at the GH, and had used one of my Diamond suite upgrades, which I had no
    problem doing, while in the US. Prices using the Costco discount, gave a price of $148.50 per
    night, plus 21% tax/service fees. I don't see a lot of discounting going on at this hotel, I think this
    code takes 10% off.

    We arrived using the shuttle that goes between the hotels. Most of the people at the hotel are
    just shuttling between the properties, or at least on the 4pm shuttle that were on. We arrived
    about 70 minutes after we left, having stopped for some gas, and at the bus office to change

    Arriving at the property, our bags were unloaded, and we had to wait awhile before one of the
    bellman came over to help. We were given a luggage tag, and then headed over through the
    security checkpoint. As is the case in much of Indonesia, this is just window dressing. You can
    walk through many different entrances to the hotel, without going through the metal detector.
    As we clear security, they bang the arrival gong for two Japanese guests that have just arrived.
    They have their luggage snapped right up, and are escorted directly the the check‐in desk, in
    front of us.

    Only two agents are helping people, but I see someone at the next desk, and head to that
    position. As soon as I do so, the clerk ducks down, and I can see he's talking to someone on the
    phone, but guess he doesn't want to deal with any customers. I don't see any GP or other elite
    signage for special check‐in.

    After standing for a bit, and no agent available, we sit down. Finally another 5 minutes goes by,
    and an agent can help. Upon providing our name, they ask us to sit down and wait. A host comes
    up, and says he will check us in at the room.

    We start our walkabout, er, trek to the room. Through the lobby, down the stairs by shops, past
    the covered walkway, to the elevator, up to the 3rd floor, and another 4 twists and turns we're
    at the room.

    I had read a lot of other reports about this property, and was a little concerned with some
    problems people have had of late. I asked the host about where we could eat breakfast, and
    said we could eat in the lounge or the Garden Cafe, as a Diamond member.
    It's a great suite, I think it's 140sm. 1.5 bath, with a patio that wraps around the back. We're
    angled, so we can see the pond below, and can see the ocean off in the distance, but mostly a
    view of palm trees towards the ocean.

    There is a nice fruit basket there, and a glass dish with a couple of desserts in it. The bedroom
    has a canopy bed, with a low bed pedestal (I think of it as Japanese style). A nice flatscreen tv in
    the bedroom, with DVD player, and minbar. The bathroom has a separate tub and large shower
    with both handheld showerhead and rainshower options. Big enough for a few people to shower
    in comfortably, if such is your wish. Dual sinks, bathroom with door, makeup table and closet.
    Had the normal sized safe in it, along with a yoga mat, two robes, and generic slippers. Strangely, no scale.

    The living room had a 25" or so CRT tv in it, along with a DVD player, and iPod dock. Sofa,
    lounger and a number of chairs were in the living room section. It had a dining room table, and
    two small bottles of water on it. A computer desk, and another minibar were in this area.
    The room is tastefully decorated, and everything seemed to be in good shape. The patio has a
    couple of chairs, and you can access it either from the bedroom sliding door, or the living room.
    There are three sets of sliding doors. Glass/wood, screen and privacy. The AC turns off if you
    have the glass/wood door open.

    There is only wired internet in the room. In fact, I had a hard time finding any reliable wireless
    internet in the whole hotel. The first night we went to the lounge, which is a few minutes more
    walking than it was to the lobby. In general, head towards the Garden Cafe, go past the Japanese
    restaurant, and follow a couple of curves, and there you have the Grand Club. It's mostly
    surrounded by water, and has fish, birds and other wildlife close at hand. It's open air style, with
    most of the seating above the water. There is a smaller lounge with some sofas and other
    seating off the right, as you enter.

    The lounge has food/drinks from 5pm‐7pm. Soft drinks and some cookies/nuts are available at
    other times. They have a couple of desks here, that are sometimes staffed. And next to this is
    one large table that has all the breads and food on it. Breads and desserts on one end, a couple
    of hot items on the far end. Cheese, some dried fruits, small plated items are there too.
    I found the hot items to be hit or miss. Nice satays one night, and then barely edible stuff the
    next. Most of the time, they also start clearing right at 7pm. I know I had to rush and grab stuff,
    since they rarely warned that they were clearing.

    One of the 'piers' seems to be smoking, the other two appear not to be. I couldn't connect to the
    wifi at all the first two times I went here. They have a nice selection of newspapers. Drink service
    is pretty weak. They hit you once when you sit down, and after that, you've generally got to ask
    if you want something else. Not much in the way of clearing plates, either.

    There is some nice scenery here. There is a Jalak Bali bird hanging out in the tree. A big bird, but
    doesn't make any noise at all. There are a number of these around the resort. They're a bit shy,
    but you can sometimes get within 5 feet without them flying away. I did see one grab a small fish
    once, but that's all.

    The staff is pretty friendly here, but considering that we went here 5/7 nights we stayed here,
    we were never welcomed by name, or felt any special welcome. A huge difference between the
    GH and BH, where we were welcomed by name every day.

    We got back to the room, and I was expecting a welcome letter, bottle of wine, or something
    similar. Nope. Not going to happen. Hooked up my wifi router, so I could use my ipad, ipod,
    netbook and laptop. Connections were slow, and would drop off for awhile every 30-60 minutes.

    Went to bed, and had a comfortable nights sleep. Was awakened by light coming in the side of
    the sliding door. Could never get the privacy/shade adjusted so that one side or the other wasn't
    letting a lot of light in.

    Breakfast at most restaurants on the property is 7:00am‐10:30am. Same time, all the days. Went
    to the Garden Cafe the first day. I gave my room number to the hostess, and she said our rate
    didn't include breakfast. I told her that I was informed that as a Diamond, I had been told that I
    could eat in the lounge or there for breakfast. We sat down, and never heard anything else.

    Breakfast here was fairly good. A nice egg station. An Asian section with noodles, rice and such.
    Bacon, potatoes, pancakes/waffles and a few other hot items. At times there was a huge line at
    the egg station, that seemed to be silly. I saw people waiting 10+ minutes just to give their order. I think a staff member taking orders for the omelet would clear the area much better.

    A reasonable selection of breads, sweetbreads and some small muffins. Also some cereals,
    fruits, yoghurt, sliced meat and such. I think there were three main food islands spread across
    the middle of the restaurant.

    Service was fairly minimal. They'd bring you coffee, tea or hot chocolate, but not water or juice,
    which you could get using the tiny 6 ounce glasses they had for them.

    The resort is quite nice, with a great panorama view from the lobby, towards the ocean. Great
    trees, and huge lily/fish ponds all around the property. Many guests just loved feeding the fish
    bread or crackers. I saw a couple of people asking for bread to take out from the restaurant to
    feed them. I wonder if fish can get diabetes? :)

    The beach is fairly well maintained. It was pretty windy while we were there, and never saw
    more than 25% of the beachfront chairs occupied. More people seemed to stay in the other
    pools. I had wanted to go to one of the pools that had all sorts of coves built into it, but it was
    taken over by screaming kids, so I opted for the Grand Club pool.

    It had a few screaming kids, so we sat on the opposite side. The kids left pretty soon, so we just
    relaxed. Bottled water is free, but nothing else. Went swimming for awhile, and it was nice
    enough. Noticed what looked like some dark mold or something on the tiles. I got an earache
    the next day, so not sure if it was related to that or not.

    Had chicken nuggets/fries from poolside service. Not like any nuggets I've ever had, but they
    weren't horrid. More like ground chicken that was then mixed with some spices/other stuff.
    Took about 25 minutes to arrive. About $12.50 with tax/service fee. The pool service guys
    provided pretty good service, bringing more water and ice whenever I asked.

    For the second night, another pair of desserts. Hadn't gotten a newspaper during the day, and
    ice was replenshied at night only. I had gotten used to twice daily at the BH, which I really liked.
    Also, the two small waters, plus another two by the bedside, didn't last long.

    Had a note from the service manager, hoping that everything was okay. Lots of little things wrong, but
    nothing big. The next morning, no newspaper again. I decided to call the service manager, to ask
    about this, and if any other Diamond amenity was forthcoming. I had read reports of some local
    gift. I guess I had been spoiled by the evening gifts at the BH, huge fruit bowl, three snacks, box
    of chocolates, free shirts, bottle of wine, etc.

    I decided to call the service manager, and mention these small problems, as well as no welcome
    letter. He was apolgetic, and said they didn't really do welcome letters. There were no other
    dining or Diamond benefits beyond the lounge. I actually abhor complaining about stuff. It's so
    much better when everything is right.

    He offered us a dinner at any of the restaurants, that he'd send us more of the free small bottles
    of waters, and make sure that we got a newspaper. He actually came the room to apologize, and
    even filled the ice bucket. Later, cleaning staff came, and brought a dozen small bottles of water.

    The next day, still no paper. Called the svc manager to tell him which restaurant/night we
    wanted dinner. Mentioned the newspaper still MIA. I mentioned some of the things that I had
    really appreciated at the BH, without asking for. He sent over a bottle of wine (I had mentioned
    that we got a bottle at the BH).

    Went to one of the nightly dances at the Pasar Sengol as our dinner. Seating starts at 7pm, and
    the performance starts at 8pm. They have some nice food, chicken and lamb satays, rock
    lobster, grilled steak, and lots of Balinese food items including Babi Guling (whole roasted pig).

    Unlike the BH that just had what looked like normal slices of pork, they had it nicely presented,
    with pork, skin, etc. Quite tasty, and I just loved the lamb satays. We passed by another night,
    and saw they had more satays on that night. Not sure how much the menu changes from night
    to night.

    The normal charges are 388k++ IDR per person. I saw on the price sheet about a 100k++ cover
    charge, but am not sure if that's just if you're viewing the show, or in addition to it. The svc
    manager stopped by and made sure we were okay. Meal and drinks were complimentary. You
    also get to keep your little painted name tag. It's funny, we'd often pass by coming back from
    the lounge on other nights, and here and only here, we'd be greeted by name.

    They have 3‐4 different types of dances. We went to the Legong dance, which was fine.
    Performance seemed to last a bit under 1 hour. I'd guess there is seating for 100‐150 here, and it
    was 2/3 full when we went. The performers as a group posed with guests afterwards, which was
    a nice touch. There are some bats flying overhead during the performance, but didn't really
    distract much at all.

    Breakfast choices:

    As mentioned before, we were told that we could eat in the lounge or Garden Cafe as Diamond
    members. I asked the svc manager about this, and he said we could eat at any restaurant for
    breakfast. I'm not sure if this is for Diamonds in general, or just us.
    We decided to try out all three while we were there. The only place we didn't eat was the
    lounge, though we did check it out.

    All the restaurants serve the same food. Slight variations day by day, but not much. Hash browns
    instead of baby potatoes. Stuff like that.

    I've already described the Garden Cafe experience.

    Next was the Italian restaurant, Salsa Verde. It's next to the pool, and has a nice sea view. Again,
    all the same food as the others. Most of the areas are elevated, so some stairs are involved. No
    handicap ramps. There is some patio dining, maybe 4‐5 tables. This is the only breakfast option
    with a real seaview.

    The Watercourt is located far away from everything, except where our room was. If you're in
    Timbuktu like we were, it was just around the corner. Close to the spa, this place is mostly
    surrounded by water. Two entrances, one through a nice garden, the other just a small dining

    This place opens at 6:30am. Has a lot of wildlife around. A huge tree in the patio area, called Beringin
    in Bahasa Indonesian, had a big family of squirrels in it. They'd come down the tree and almost
    pose for pictures. Cool looking, but seemed to be coming off a meth addiction. :)

    The tree was dropping nuts (Or berries, perhaps. Looked like a red large coffeebean, but stung a
    little if they hit you.), so be careful if you sit under it. Many fish in the ponds here. Saw an
    employee toss a whole bread roll in the water. It was strange watching it get bobbed around by
    seemly nothing. Turns out there are black/gray huge fish here, and they were fighting over it,
    trying to tear it into pieces so they could swallow it.

    Also had a nice Jalak bird that was about 10 feet away from us. I saw it catch a small fish, so I
    guess that's why they're hanging out there. Saw other birds eat bread and stuff, but not these
    ones. Watched a squirrel scamper over the covered walkway, onto the Hindu shrine, and steal
    some of the offerings.

    All the food is up in the main part of the restaurant, up a few steps, so is probably the most
    handicap unaccessable.

    Finally started getting the newspapers, and the room service seemed unable to bring ice a
    couple of times a day, so brought what my SO called a "Penguin Box". A medium sized Igloo ice
    chest. Looked a bit out of place in the room, but at least we had ice.

    Diamonds get free bicycle rentals from the activity center, by the beach. They also had a price
    list for parasailing, tours, banana boat, dolphin tours, etc. My SO wanted to go parasailing, and
    the price listed $20 seemed reasonable. Called up to arrange it (most of these activities are offsite),
    and told it was too windy. Told them to let us know when she could go. They more or less
    told us to call back each day to check, though.

    The balcony of the room was fairly nice. People on the ground floor were feeding huge amounts
    of bread to the fish there. I watched one lady feed them for well over an hour. I guess that's why
    some of them are so huge. Also saw a crane who would go down and snatch some bread too.
    There are some iguanas (or some other type of large lizard) swimming in the lake. Seemed to
    want to sneak up on one of the other birds (heron?), but the bird flew off.

    The room service menu was often priced 50‐80% more than the BH, even before the 20%
    discount the BH was offering. Indonesian specialties that were 60k IDR at the BH, were 105‐
    110K here. I guess having most of your customers trapped here lets them not worry about

    We went to the nearby Coco supermarket/retail store at the Bali Collection center that is a bit
    under 1 KM away from the lobby. Picked up a few food items, but most were 50% more than
    even a normal convenience store in Bali.

    They have a lot of restaurants here, so it may be a good choice if you want to get away from the
    hotel, but not go too far. We checked out the craft store they had there, but most of the
    Balinese items were severely inflated. We had our eye on some carved panels, that local craftsmen had
    exhibited everynight in the Pasar Sengol night market. 400k IDR at the night market, 1,500k at
    this store near Coco! I think you're still better off going to Ubud if you want to buy much. I also
    saw a sign for a free shuttle bus that goes to other area hotels from this shopping center.

    For those craving KFC, there is one about 2 km down the road. Costs about 30k RT using a taxi,
    and having it wait. I saw a delivery guy in the lobby once, but not sure if it was for a guest, or a
    hotel employee. Also a McDonalds a couple of kilometers further down the same road.

    We were tiring of the lounge for dinner, so decided to find a local place for dinner near the end
    of our stay. Grabbed a Blue Bird taxi, and said we wanted something local, not too far away. I
    should know better. The driver starts heading off somewhere, that is quite a bit further than
    expected. Jimbaran beach area. As we get stopped before entering the restaurant area, I see the
    the person hand the taxi driver some money. I guess this is their commission for bring stupid
    tourists there.

    The restaurant wanted to rush us to our seats, and give us welcome drinks etc. I saw no prices or
    menus in the front, which raised my suspicions, not even taking into account the cash the driver
    got. Asked for a menu, and saw some pretty sky high prices. More than the hotel, certainly. $25
    for fish and chips. Since this was an Indonesian place, it shouldn't have been over $6. We quickly
    declined to dine there, and they immediately offered a discount. I hate scams like this, so we just

    Watched airplanes land for a bit, and then grabbed a Blue bird taxi, to avoid some of the other
    taxi scams that I've seen. Sure, one brought us here, but at least the meter isn't rigged.

    The official car rates at this hotel are a bit higher than the BH, although it is much closer to the
    airport. $17 for a standard van. We didn't use the car service here.

    Upon departing, we called for the bags to be picked up 45 minutes before the shuttle bus was to
    pick us up. We mentioned this when we called. After 20 minutes, no one had showed up, so I
    headed to the lobby to check out.

    When I got there, I mentioned again, that no one had picked the bags up. The agent called for
    the bags to be picked up again.

    Got handed to another person. Received bill, and had two incorrectly billed food charges on it. Was
    told I could eat bfast at Garden Cafe by host when checking in. FD agent argues the point. One food
    charge was listed as lunch, and not the breakfast we had eaten. Finally get them to fix it by
    mentioning the svc mgrs name.

    Then come my last 7 Costco Hyatt certs. Oh, woe is me, gone at last.

    Exchange seems fine, giving a good rate. Then lots of whispering between 3 different agents. My agent then lowers the rate of exchange by 8% for the certs, saying I have to go through their exchange cashier for these certs. I decline, saying that the room was booked in USD. Had no problem at all at the BH. Finally they fix it.

    Checkout at GH 25 minutes. BH 4 minutes.

    It's now 1 minute until the shuttle is supposed to leave. I verify that my bags are taken care of.
    The agent assures me they're out front. Head out front, and of course, no bags. The shuttle
    driver looks impatient. They call and check, and the bags are still missing. Takes 15 more
    minutes before they arrive. It took over 1 hour from the time of my call, for them to pickup and
    deliver the bags. Not acceptable to me.

    In the end, I did enjoy my stay, but felt the service was lacking here. This is a beautiful resort, but
    felt a bit soulless to me. I preferred the BH lounge with two hot items delivered to your table
    each night to the complete buffet affair at the GH. I enjoyed the seaview at the BH more,
    although the GH room was bigger and more ornate.

    The lounge for breakfast just has one hot egg item, and the restaurants are much better, as long
    as you don't have to stand in the egg station line for 20 minutes.

    The time/hassle checking out was not fun, and to date, I've gotten Hyatt credit for the food
    items I ordered, but not the stays, or bonus points (total of 25k+). I have had to call Hyatt many
    times for bonus items, but rarely for stays not posting. I'll wait a day or too more, and then call

    There were a number of conventions here, from cement to beauty products. Seems a lot of
    package guests, often from Japan or Europe here. When departing, saw people just checking in
    given welcome drinks and lei's, and a cold towel.

    Each night with turn down service, they'd place a advertisement for the spa on your pillow, and
    one of those Bali flowers (not sure what they're called, look almost like an orchid). Same thing
    every night.

    Room cleaning was decent, but there were certainly days where stuff was only half done. Towels
    not picked up, garbage not emptied, bathroom amenities not replaced.

    Conclusion: This is not a hotel with great overall service. It's beautiful, but a little pricey for its level in Bali. If you just want to stay in a slightly expensive room and eat expensive food, it's fine. I find the mood and service to be better at the Bali Hyatt, and the prices are considerably less for both the room and food. Food/Performance at BH 250k++ IDR, GH 388k++.

    I've had a lot of messages asking about the GH/BH after I posted that report. I've probably gone overboard on this report, but I know when researching my stays, I always appreciated as much info as possible, so have tried to include everything I could think of.

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    Thanks for the extensive review!

    I stayed here in August last year and it was ok, certainly wasn't perfect and a lot of little things went wrong, much like your experience. I do like the lounge though, with its mini Balinese zoo.

    Will return to Bali in August, and will split my stay between the BH and GH on a combo of paid/award stays. Although after reading your review, I wonder if I should just stay at the BH and forget the GH.

    Is the shuttle between BH and GH a big full-sized bus, or is it a mini-bus/van type? Can our bags go with the shuttle?
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    It's a fairly large bus. 25-30 passenger. It has a fairly decent area for luggage. I'd say it could accommodate 6-8 normal bags, plus you could always bring some bags inside.

    They usually have a 72 hour cancellation policy, so perhaps book all nights at the BH, split up in the middle, with 2 reservations. Then add on the GH for the second half. If you like the BH, cancel the GH nights before the 72 hr deadline.

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    I've stayed at this property several times over the past six years and have only received an amenity gift once... that was several years back.
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    I had a four-night stay at this property recently:

    We arrived at the hotel after a 2-hour drive down from Ubud and right after our stay at the Bali Hyatt. We were greeted warmly and had our luggages taken care of. The gong was struck to announce our arrival, but we didn't get flower garlands like we did at the BH. As it was our second stay at the property, we already knew the way to the Grand Club, so we decided to just go straight to the lounge and bypassing the normal check-in desk. However, on the way there, I was intercepted by the Guest Services Manager who welcome me and address me by name (it was borderline creepy, how did he know who I was). Anyway he proceeded to escort us to the lounge where he personally processed our check-in.

    He then said that I had been upgraded to a Suite and he had assigned a Club Deluxe room for the other room. Just like at the BH, this was a mix of paid/award stay, so the upgrades really did impress me. I received a welcome letter, handwritten by the GM and an info sheet of what I was entitled to as Diamond. As we had arrived during the evening's happy hours, we opted to stay in the lounge for a bit. We were seated and one of the lounge staff came with cold towels and glasses of welcome drinks.

    After we were ready, we were escorted to our rooms, which were a short walk from and in the same wing as the lounge. This was very much appreciated since last year, they put us in the South wing, which was on the other side of the massive resort and a good 10-minute walk from the lounge. I thought the Club (East) wing is much better, fresher and more modern compared to the South wing we stayed at last year. It felt like a different hotel.

    Our suite was truly impressive. I'm not even going to attempt to describe it as I don't think my words could do it justice. But let's just say it was one of the most impressive suite I had the pleasure to stay in. It was located on the third floor facing the garden and the Japanese restaurant and we could see the ocean on the side. The other room, also in the same corridor, was again very impressive. It had a bathroom that was seemingly the size of our room at the BH, with dual sinks, a rain shower and separate tub with a view. It also had a somewhat large patio which could be accessed from both the room and the bathroom. The flatscreen TV in the regular room was even bigger than the ones in the suite.

    There were no Diamond amenities except for a nice fruit basket in both rooms. Last year, I got a plate with nice desserts. I'd ask about the amenity, but seeing that they had already done more than enough by upgrading us to the suite, so I didn't.

    The staff in the lounge was, as expected, very friendly and polite. Although, I thought the staff was a notch below the staff at the BH in terms of attentiveness and personal touch. I was never welcome by name, for example, and generally we had to ask to get our first drinks and subsequent top-ups and to clear the plates, etc. One of the club concierges was excellent though. One night we asked for a suggestion on the best seafood stall in Jimbaran Bay and he gave the name of one seafood stall and two others as alternatives as it was quite late and he mentioned that the first one he gave was very popular and could have run out of food by the time we reached there. He then called the stall to make sure that they still had enough of everything for us. Also he managed to track down the location of a small shop we were looking for, something that the BH club concierge couldn't do.

    The lounge were very busy during the times we were there and there were lots of families and the place was almost overrun with kids, although they were mostly well behaved. Evening selection was better than at the BH, although overall was still quite weak. They have a large selection of desserts though, at least 5 different types every evening and even during breakfast! Breakfast selections were much worse compared to the BH, I especially missed the made-to-order egg station and the hot Indonesian items.

    The beach and ocean here were much much better compared to the BH. I only spent time in the much quieter Grand Club pool, though. There were a few children there, but amazingly they were all pretty quiet. I also noticed that the sign on the entrance to the pool from the beach stating "For Grand Club Guests Only" was removed, but nonetheless, we didn't see anyone there that we didn't see in the lounge. One thing that bother me though, a few selfish guests would place towels on the loungers to reserve them and then only returned several hours later.

    Overall, this was a great stay and I really enjoyed my time here. Overall service was very good, although not in the same level as the BH, but I guess that is to be expected. I hope I can return here in the not too distant future.
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