Got my first taste of promo stacking

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    My points just posted from my 2 night stay at the HI Miami Beach, and with being Platinum and 4-5 stackable promo codes, I walked away with nearly 16,000 points for one stay. Numbers like that will certainly feed this addiction if I were to pay for 2 nights and gain 3 point break nights with each stay, but I'm aware that isn't likely to be feasible, otherwise this program would be a lot more popular than it is.

    My question for those who are experienced IHG/PC promo stackers - are some promo codes reusable, or do I need to be on the hunt now for codes that I don't have currently in my portfolio? I don't expect to get 16k points with each stay, but if I could add a code or two with each stay, that would certainly be a nice boost. How do the veterans of milepointing handle these promos?
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    New codes are needed, unfortunately... :(

    (So if you find any, be sure to share them here at MP! ;))
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