Good News for MDE Flyers

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    I flew out of MDE Wednesday night, and I was jokingly whining about not having a Copa Club and how boring it is to wait for a flight inside security on the international side of the terminal. The agent shocked me when she said that the new club will open by October! [​IMG] :D [​IMG] :D [​IMG]

    The gate agent said that it was originally scheduled to open in August, and that it is very near ready, so they may beat the new October estimate. Anyone who flies out of MDE knows how big this news is.

    Just thought I would share this here, as I figured that since I had not heard the news, there are probably others here who haven't yet, either. This is the first I've heard that a new Copa Club was even on the drawing board. I love Medellin, but I dread the wait for boarding every time I leave. Looks like it will soon be much more pleasant for Premiers with intl. itineraries. :)
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