Gold Points Accrual is Like Pulling Teeth...President's Circle My $#@!!

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    Has anyone had any recent issues where their Gold Points DO NOT automatically post to their account? I have been renting weekly, from the IND airport location for about 4 months now,and I have to call after each rental to have my points added to my account. No one from Hertz can seem to identify or solve the problem. No one from Hertz seems to care! To be honest, I'm fed up with their lack of customer service. As part of my President's Circle benefits, I also thought that I was guaranteed a 1 class upgrade for each rental. That doesn't happen either. Anyone else have or had trouble with this location?
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    Haven't rented there, so can't speak about personal experience there, but I haven't had any issues with my points posting or anything. Perhaps there's an issue with your number not being attached correctly to your reservation?
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    I don't have many rentals, but yes, on a recent one with Hertz the points didn't post. Was painless to request the missing points, but you do have to track this closely it seems.

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