Going the Canadian Way: To Chicago with Air Canada LHR-YYZ-ORD-YYZ-LHR with Air Canada

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Kevincm, Apr 14, 2011.

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    Hi all.

    As MilePoint still is a bit limited with amount of images displayed per post, I'm restoring to linking my trip report at GhettoIFE.com

    But for your pleasure, I present my trip on Air Canada to Chicago at http://www.ghettoife.com/2011/04/going-canadian-way-to-chicago-with-air.html

    A few points to wet your appetite:
    - Space is a wonderful thing! Especially when there is a spare seat...
    - US Immigration doesn't have to be a pain if you go through the right port of entry
    - Why I think Hyatt in Chicago are getting cheap
    - Why I want to hang the person who stole my iPhone
    - Why C$66 to go up a tower can be far too much.
    - Why Y class flat beds are perfectly acceptable for a few hours snooze across the pond.
    - And why I hate the TSA more than ever.

    Comments and thoughts welcome :)

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