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    My wife just received Global Services status for 2014. My question relates to the companion upgrade policy. I’ve read various posts on these issues, but figured I would ask my specific questions below to get specific answers regarding our situation. To note, I no longer have United elite status for 2014, so I am just a general member. Our goal is for both of us to get upgraded (via CPU/Complimentary Premier Upgrades) and me retain the “inherited” Global Services status due to my wife booking my ticket on both legs of the trip (outbound and return). We are fine with one of us sitting in First and the other potentially in coach if that were to happen.

    What is the best strategy for us to use when we travel together and she books/purchases our 2 tickets under her account? My understanding is as follows:

    Outbound Flight:
    1. My wife books/purchases both tickets under her account. As a result, we are on the same PNR.

    2. 5 days out/120 hours – CPU upgrades are given to Global Services members. She would be upgraded at this time if space is available. Would I be processed for the upgrade at this 5 day time as well? And do we both clear into the PN bucket or just her (as in she clears into PN, but me into R bucket)?

    3. If one or both of us do not get upgraded at the 5 day mark and it is time for online check-in 24 hours in advance of the flight, should we use online check in for the outbound? I’ve read mixed reviews saying not to use it. Should we not do online check-in?

    4. If we do check-in online and she requests to be added to the upgrade list, it gives the disclaimer that we will be split into separate PNRs. If we split PNRs, I believe I still get added to the upgrade list as her companion on this outbound flight? And I still retain the “inherited” Global Services” status for this outbound flight?

    5. Is my understanding that I will be processed for the upgrade after all other Global Services members are processed, but before any 1Ks (the next elite level down) are processed? Either at the 5 day mark or if I get placed on the upgrade waitlist?

    Return Flight:
    1. For the return flight, what is the best strategy? Am I not processed at the 5 day mark for the return as well as her companion?

    2. I have read that on the return flight, I don’t inherit the “Global Services” status. Is this correct? Any way to retain/inherit her “Global Services” status on the return segment?

    3. Auto-check-in – should we decline this for the return segment?

    4. For the return, does she need to add me to the airport upgrade list 2 hours ahead of time (assuming I do not/am not eligible for the CPU upgrade on the return segment)? But presumably all the CPU upgrades have already cleared and first is full. So isn’t this too late to get added to the lsit 2 hours before the flight at the airport?

    I know there are a lot of questions, but appreciate your answering each of the above and figuring out the best strategy. Thanks!
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    My experience in 2012 was that my companion upgraded at the same time I did and in the same bucket. Then again, UA wasn't using PN then so I don't know how that has changed.

    If you are split off because you do not clear at the same time on the outbound then she will need to add you at the airport for the return.
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    Best advice is call the global services number and work with the agents. They'll explain all options and tweak what they can ahead of time. It's a remarkable experience with the GS Agents and you will be taken care of.

    If she has not received her welcome kit and you need the GS number, shoot me a message and I'll flip it over to you

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