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Discussion in 'Travel Security' started by daboogah, Dec 18, 2012.

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    I must be a freak cause I like to collect stamps when i get into countries and arrive back home but ever since I have been using the Global Entry, they dont stamp the passport since you just walk out wit hthe piece of paper. how junk is that. I know. just being a freak and though I love the global entry and walking right out, it kinda sucks... Now I just get one stamp when i get into the foreign country and nothing else. boo (not really)
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    I am at the other extreme. I hate stamps. My last US passport ended with 133 pages, the maximum permitted (52 page issue plus three inserts. Thanks to GE the US stamps no longer mess up my passport. Thanks to France, Italy and Germany, I don't have many European stamps anymore either (for some reason they do not usually stamp my Brazilian passport but often do the US one, so I use the Brazilian one, that saves me Russian stamps too because Brazilians have visa-free entry).

    So, I have my two passports now with almost no stamps. I probably will not need new pages (the br one is actually a new passport tied physically to the old one, with the same expiration) for either one. Hooray!

    I love GE!. I love visa waivers! I love lax immigration officers!
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    And so many US officers love to splatter their stamps on new pages or in the middle of pages, wasting space. Count me as lovin' no US stamps for GE. Only minor inconvenience of no stamps is my tax records I keep boarding passes to prove when I entered and left the country, though no longer much an issue to me as have fully moved back to the US.
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