Getting downgraded on an award ticket

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    So this just happened to me and I wanted to get your guy's opinion on what you would do.

    On an United award ticket, I booked an eight segment trip from Los Angeles to New Zealand with a stopover in Japan. My itinerary was originally booked and confirmed for:
    • Los Angeles to Beijing on Air China first class
    • Beijing to Seoul on Air China business class
    • Seoul to Tokyo on Asiana first class
    • Tokyo to Bangkok on Thai business class
    • Bangkok to Auckland on Thai business class
    • Auckland to Shanghai on Air New Zealand business class
    • Shanghai to Taipei on Air China business class
    • Taipei to Los Angeles on EVA Airways business class
    This was booked in January before the devaluation and the entire trip cost me 147,500 United miles and $109.10 in taxes. The flights were all confirmed and I was able to select my seats on all segments. The trip was in late August and I just got back home.

    About two months before my trip, I received a schedule change notice from United. I checked the change and saw my Asiana flight from Beijing to Seoul (originally booked into first class on a Boeing 747) had been changed to an Airbus A330 with no first class and my Thai Airways flight from Tokyo to Bangkok (originally booked on an A380 with lie flat seats) had been changed to a Boeing 747 with angled recliners.

    So my question to you guys is, would you guys do anything about it? And if so, who would you talk to? United? Or Asiana and Thai Airways? Or should I just suck it up knowing that I had a great run?

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    You still have LAX-BJS in F so you're not due any miles back.

    Beyond that, what do you actually want? Is there another flight with F service on the dates/times which would be more appealing to you? I'm guessing not. So it isn't like there is much you could do anyways.
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    We had booked IAD-MUC on a 777 with F on an award. UA down-gauged that flug to a 764 with no F and pushed us back to J. I simply pinged UA on Twitter and they reissued the ticket and credited back the mileage difference between F and J. It was super painless, and turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I'm fairly certain that we got better service in J on the 764 with a legacy CO crew than we would have gotten in F with a legacy UA crew.
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    I did a RT in First a few years ago. Used US Air miles. FC on United to Paris and FC return on UA from Brussells. About two months before, they changed the outbound on Business First on UA. Called US Air merely asking that I get a refund for the outbound as it was no longer in First. No way - not their fault as United made the change. All they would do was cancel and try to rebook but at two months out, no way I could risk that.

    In the end, was able to change to Lufthansa First on the outbound. Happy ending but a big hassle. If I had booked on United, I would have had more luck but US was where my miles were. If I had not been able to make the change to LH, I would have had to suck it up and be willing to pay FC award rate for BC seat.
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