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  1. Hi.

    I have a lot of free time on my hands the next few months, and would really like to get the EBG-card or M&M Frequent Flyer. I dont think anything else is realistic, due to a limited travel budget. Though, I have time to spend, and dont mind to spend it on an airplane or airport.

    So, how do I get started with this? How do you start searching for good deals? And is this possible at all to do from Norway? Euro Bonus basically stinks when it comes to this.
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    Welcome to MiPo

    You basically need to pick a program that covers your home airport or the one you will be transiting through the most. Since I can see you are in Norway, and you showed interest in Lufthansa's M&M, I guess what you are looking at is realistic. The EBG will require you more traveling to achieve and keep in mind that travel within Norway earns you no segments and no miles due to regulations. This however might change as SAS is trying to fight it. But then again, this has been a fight ever since Norwegian entered the markets here.

    Acquiring FTL with Lufthansa means you have the status for 2 years. That's a plus. You can still earn miles and segments on your Lufthansa's M&M card if you fly SAS (again, not domestically in Norway). Other options to consider would be bmi if you are in Stavanger or Bergen and would like to try something else. Aegean airlines is one way to go and it's the easiest known program to lift you to *A gold. Remember, you can achieve FTL status by either accumulating enough miles, or just flying 30 segments. Either will work.

    Velkommen ombord:)
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  3. Takk for varm velkomst :)

    The reason for that I mentioned EBG, is that its very easy to get after what I have understood. Its basically one t/r BKK on biz (will earn you around 46 000 points, and the requirment is 45 000). It will only set you back around 20 000 NOK. Its not a trip I have done, or for that matter, planning to do, but its an interesting example of how easy it is to get it.

    Maybe I have an unrealistic view over how much the card itself is worth, but Im a regular traveler domestic, and is HIGHLY unsatisfied with how Im treated by the corporate customer support, and I expect the service to rise significantly with an EBG-card.

    I will take a closer look at the BMI-card, but the first impression isnt getting me very excited. The Aegean Airlines (how come Ive never heard about that company?) card on the other hand looks extremely easy to get. How much would you estimate 20 000 points would cost me to get the gold card from Aegean?

    I also see that Aegean cooperate with Do you know if its possible to doubble dip (getting points from to Aegean and getting points at the hotel program?)? Its also not stated (as far as I can see) any differences between the bonus points, as it is in the Euro Bonus-porgram (they have two categories; basis points and extra points where only basis points counts when it comes to wich card you can hold). Does this mean that with the 1 000 points registration bonus, Im only required to earn 19 000 points this year to get the gold card? This looks too good to be true...

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