Get In Shape And Earn 2000 United Miles

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    While skimming through Twitter on Sunday morning I came across an interesting tweet from United that involved working out and earning miles.
    Here is the tweet:
    Have you resolved to start a workout routine this year? Join a gym with MileagePlus Fitness and earn 2,000 miles.
    I am already a member of a gym but I thought that this offer might be of interest to some.

    United is using a third party provider- GlobalFit to "host" MileagePlus Fitness.
    MileagePlus Fitness is a fitness discount program that offers United miles for every purchase. The program guarantees the lowest price at more than 10,000 gyms in its nationwide network.
    I did a quick search of my area and there were lots of participating gyms nearby including the one I am a member of. Some participating gyms are Ballys, Curves, New York Sports Club, 24 Hour Fitness and many more.
    Here are some details about MileagePlus Fitness:
    • Earn 2,000 miles
    • Lowest price guarantee on all memberships
    • 10,000 gyms nationwide
    You must sign up directly through MileagePlus Fitness and not at the gym
    A one time processing fee of $39 is added to all purchases with MileagePlus Fitness

    If you're thinking about joining a gym then you might as well save some money and earn some miles.

    Check out MileagePlus Fitness HERE
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    I think I will save $39 and go directly to the gym. You can buy UA miles at 2 cent most days.
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