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    What we do:

    MySeatFinder finds your upcoming flights, looks at your seat assignment, then compares it to your previously self-selected seat preferences. If you are in a seat that is different than your top seating preference, we search the airline seat maps daily looking for a better airplane seat. If and when we find one, we change your seat assignment for you.
    How we do it:

    When you sign up, you give us your frequent flyer number and PIN. This is done over a secure 256-bit SSL connection so your information is safe with us. This allows us to find your existing flight reservations and seat assignments so we can begin to monitor seat availability on your behalf. MySeatFinder will search your reservation up to every four hours to see if a better seat has opened up. If, based on your preferences, a better seat is available we automatically book it for you.
    Why we did it:

    A bad flight is an unproductive flight, and the number one contributor to a bad flight is a bad seat assignment. Frustrated by the time consuming, hit-and-miss process of self-service seat switching, our co-founders decided to take matters into their own hands and developed an automated solution that mimics the human experience. Let MySeatFinder take care of your airplane seat upgrades and focus on more productive things with the peace of mind knowing that a better seat is just an email notification away.

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