George said to star in the Monster of Florence

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  1. The Monster of Florence is coming back to Florence. The book by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi will be adapted to make the movie. Who is said to be one of the leads? None other than George Clooney. [​IMG] Awww! After filming The American in southern Abruzzo it seems George just can’t keep away from working or living in Italy. Enjoying his life more in Italy nowadays with his girlfriend Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis, he is surprising finding work in Italy not like most other Italians.
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    This movie is said to start filming this year Fall 2011. The story of the Monster of Florence is a writer of thrillers named Douglas Preston persevered towards his dream to move his family to the hills of Tuscany near Florence. Once there he finds out that a horrific murder took place on his farmhouse property committed by the serial killer called the Monster of Florence. He becomes intrigued, being a writer of thriller, he started to research the cases behind the Monster of Florence. Thus he seeks out the Italian investigator and journalist Mario Spezi.
    A true story through and through they go on a man hunt trying to search for and identify the man that was said to have committed this heinous crimes. As they are investigating the cases again, they begin to be targets for the police. The police started believing these two men could know something about the Monster of Florence. The rest you will have to read in the book or wait to see George on the big screen. I suggest reading the book first. It is a great, spooky read and you will get the details of each case much more thoroughly.
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