Genius Airport Wifi Hack

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    This is big. Really big. It’s the wifi hack of your dreams. What if I told you I just uncovered a major trick to scamming free wifi at the airport and all you need is a smartphone? Would you be happy? I bet you would. I know I was when I discovered the secret. THE SECRET. We’re not talking about that book that your grandmother loves. We’re talking about something a bit more sinister. Be glad you came to Fly&Dine today (and come back regularly for more tips like this!) because I’m about to hook you up, pal. Have you ever been to an airport and found that the only options for wifi are some sketchy looking networks labeled “FreeAirportWifiDefinitelyGetVirusIfYouConnect” or “HackersStealYour$$$Here”? Then, like a beacon of pure sweet light, you see another network. It’s the airport lounge network. Maybe it’s the Admiral’s Club or the Chairman’s Lounge or the Special People Expensive Ticket Lounge. Whatever it’s called, it’s the fancy lounge network and there, next to that glowing full-bar wifi symbol, is the dreaded lock. It’s like some fenced-off country club in the middle of a run-down town. If only you could slip past the gate, you could swim in their luxurious pool for hours. Without the password, though, you’re stuck staring in through those automatic glass doors. Until now. Recently, I had noticed that many airport lounges — although not all, sadly — try to help their guests access the wifi by placing a handy reference sign somewhere near the check-in desk. Instead of having to ask someone at the desk, all you need to do is look at the sign and, viola!, you’ve got the password. So I decided to try something. While sitting in the airport in [redacted], I walked into the [redacted] Lounge under the guise of asking about using a credit card to access the lounge. “Excuse me, sir, but can I use this obviously unusable card to enter your oasis?” “No.” “Oh, what a shame. Perhaps I’ll purchase a day pass instead. May I look around to see if it’s worth it?” “I don’t care. I get paid hourly. You can do whatever you want.” Okay, so maybe the last part isn’t true, but I did ask if I could look around and the guy said sure. I was in. Sure enough, there, on the desk, was a sign about the wifi: network name, password, everything you need. I slyly took out my phone, snapped a quick pic of the sign, and thanked the desk guy for his time. Then I walked out and started using the wifi. Boom. That’s it. Once you’ve got the password, you’ll definitely want to sit close to the door for maximum signal strength. You also may want to avoid trying to stream YouTube or any heavy bandwidth sites as the connection won’t be super strong. Other than that, though, you’re free to surf as needed. Is it unethical to enter under false pretenses and walk away with a photo of the wifi sign? Maybe. Is it hurting anyone? Not at all. This is a victimless crime and one I have no reservations about. I won’t be sharing the name of the airport or the lounge I first did this in or the password, but if you happen to be in a lounge RIGHT NOW and have a wifi network and password, I don’t think anyone would be upset if you happened to share it in the comments. Like this post? Find more Fly&Dine travel hacks right here. The post Genius Airport Wifi Hack appeared first on Fly&Dine.

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