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    Let's face it, Destination Travel does not have a great amount of info/data, so the following should help.

    I can understand why someone posts in the General Discussion Travel forum first (great visibility &/or unaware of the Destination Travel forums)


    after the General Discussion Travel threads have run their course (no one posting to them after a couple months), shouldn't these threads be moved to the appropriate Destination Travel forums (or specific airline/hotel forums) so the info/data gets put in one place?

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    That's a really great point and that was our initial plan. As you can see, it didn't work out as we had wished and slowly stopped for the most part. Actually, we hoped to keep most of the General Miles/Points, Travel and Newbies sections relatively clear. We would give each thread about 30 days in the sections and move it to a more specific subforum.

    Your post serves as a great reminder to get our acts in gear as we believe it's a good idea. We will make a plan to conquer the three sections and start at it.

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