Garuda Indonesia - through Korean Airlines SkyPass (or ANA?)

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    Hi, looking for some experts here to chime in.

    I just read a couple of stellar reviews for Garuda First Class - here's the first one:

    and here is the 2nd one:

    I read first class reviews on Etihad, Emirates and SQ, but both reviews above picture GA as having better soft products as those 3. Which brings me to the questions:

    1. Since GA is part of SkyTeam, can I redeem SkyPass on GA first class? I read that the DL SkyPesos can only be redeemed on partner business class.

    2. Assuming yes on #1, GA first class route is DPS to NRT on GA880. I am thinking about flying my parents in to SEA for a treat in first class. If I use SkyMiles, since NRT is a DL hub, and I am trying NOT to have my parents fly DL, can I get the itinerary routed through ICN? So the final route would be DPS-NRT-ICN-SEA.

    I am not sure what the SkyPass rules are. I'll set up a SkyPass account and start playing around with it I guess .....

    3. GA 880 - the flight from DPS-NRT, is code shared with ANA - as NH 5470. That does not mean that NH 5470 will show up as an option when I do a search in UA, would it? In other words, just because it is code shared with a Star Alliance carrier, it does not mean that the flight is redeemable with UA miles, correct? Be nice if it does though .... :D

    4. If I do have ANA miles though, can I use the ANA miles to redeem provided that there are available space?

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