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  1. We've had an overwhelming response for our eBook titled, Gamifying Loyalty Programs from members of various LinkedIn CRM groups. And we are now making the eBook available to our blog readers.

    Gamifying Loyalty Cause and Affect
    Even before distinct phases of gamification began to emerge, gaming principles in businesses had been around for years. Frequent flyer programs offer elite status levels for miles, while other loyalty programs operate similarly, rewarding interaction with tangible benefits such as coupons or other perks.

    Both school and work can be viewed as a sequence of challenges, quests and levels, with a badge awarded in the end in the form of a diploma, a job promotion to the next title, the status of valedictorian, or a year-end financial bonus. Even the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts provide badges to children for demonstrating skills and completing projects.

    A convergence of technology
    While frequent flyer programs and the Boy Scouts demonstrate some elements of gamification such as rewards, levels, badges and challenges, they often lack elements that could create a much more engaging experience. These elements include leveraging technologies like real-time data analytics, mobility, cloud services and social media platforms to accelerate and improve the outcomes of the initiatives.

    Incorporating these new gamification technologies into your current loyalty program can provide a reason for a customer to visit your website or rewards store more often. It could connect members in a way that makes them feel rewarded and respected for their opinions and support of your business or product.

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