Game over: Losing lots of award searches

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    One of the risks associated with building award search tools based on publicly available data sources is that the people providing that data will decide they no longer want to share it. Last week the website I’ve used for several years now as the underlying source of the Single Bucket Inventory tool as well as for award inventory on more than a dozen airlines changed their website. They cut off access to the inventory. I spent a few days trying to find a suitable replacement – both on their site and elsewhere – and I’ve come up empty. Game over.

    Image from axeldeviaje on Flickr CC licensed

    This source was one of the only easily accessible, reliable outlets for award space on a whole bunch of airlines and I know that a lot of users are going to be negatively impacted by the loss of this tool. Alas, there’s not much I can do as I no longer have access to the data to share. I wish it were different but such is the way things go some times.

    I’ll be updating the site shortly to remove those pages. In the mean time you can expect to see the “fail kale” error if you run a search.


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    I am sorry too Seth. You did a great job of giving the rest of us a nice condensed easy to use version of many of these tools. Looking forward to your next great thing.
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