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    I thought I start this thread, if nothing else, for our entertainment. I'm going split them into three categories, feel free to post anything you see on the news or heard from a pilot you were sitting next to[​IMG], and I'll update this thread.

    Category 1: Confirmed or pretty much written in stone:

    Kingfisher Airlines, Confirmed to be Joining in 2011, Exact date still pending

    Berlin Airlines (with affiliate Niki), Accepted Inviation, Rumored to be joining in 2012

    Category 2: Confirmed news stories that some sort of talks are happening:

    Hainan Airlines, This one is a no brainer to me at this point, *A has Air China, and ST has CZ and MU, what else is left, I think this one will be moving to Cat1 real soon

    Gol S.A., With the whole mess in South America right now, who knows what's going on, but there has been multiply reports on some OW carriers courting Gol
    Aer Lingus, Reports that they are seeking to rejoin OW, or going with another alliance

    Gulf Air, Partners with Royal Jordanian and American maybe something could work

    Category 3: I've heard this from somewhere, or was that a dream:

    Westjet, I acutally read an article about this in the London Free Press (London, Ontario), I guess it just depends on how eager the WS people are

    China Eastern, I know they've confirmed to be joining ST, but I've heard some things about internal discussions, and since ST is already so crowded in Asia, I think there might actually be a small chance of defection in the near future

    Qatar Airways, They are in the market of joining an alliance, from the list of their current partners Qatar as *A written all over it, but the airline itself is very OWish

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    OK, I'll bite. What makes an airline 'very OWish?'

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    I'm still waiting for the ultimate MX resolution - they claim they will be flying again "soon", with seven A320s, 39 pilots, 80 FAs and 846 techs / engineers flying to LAX, ORD, SAT, MIA and HAV, as well as CUN, GDL, MTY, OAX, TGZ and VER, with a goal of 40 A320s by the end of 2011. I'll believe it when I see it...

    OW must ramp up the aggressive recruiting, IMO, with the conspicuous increases of their competitors.
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    Gulf Air is also part of the OW RTW ticket, so I don't think they're not that far off from joining
    I think you would see EK join an alliance before QR would join OW. QR has also been increasing the amount of seats to *A hubs quite a bit lately. I'm thinking it's only a matter of time before they join *A. EY is also starting to position themselves as a future *A carrier.
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    If LATAM goes *, I suspect OW will become much more agressive! I'd love Ethiopian to join, but believe they are heading towards Star - but OW, does need another African carrier (other than Comair/BA)
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    Agree MX is important for OW and start date keeps on getting delayed.
    Lose MX and you risk losing LAN/TAM

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