Funny "Up in the Air" (book) story

Discussion in 'Community Center' started by bigx0, Jan 8, 2013.

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    My wife was browsing at a used book store recently and came across a copy of "Up in the Air" by Walter Kirn. It was this book the "Up in the AIr" movie with George Clooney that we all love was loosely based upon. So, of course, she just had to buy it.

    When she started reading it she found a bookmark inside: An original AA boarding pass, First Class no less, from the mid '90s! PERFECT!, and hilarious.

    By the way, I scanned the book a bit. It's pretty different than the movie. IMO, the movie is much better, but thank you, Mr. Kirn, for sparking the idea.
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    Hugely different from the movie. The main characters are entirely different (as in the characters from the movie didn't exist in the book..). The chase was for 1MM from any source not 10mm and he was incredibly paranoid... I recall reading the book on a UA transcon IAD-SFO in mid-2001 (in F, lunch was a cheeseburger)

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