Funniest Story from Do, the Zombie parrot

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    I had to share this story with everyone, as it was the biggest laugh I had at the DO. One of the Kiva engineers has a friend who owns a parrot and swears this actually happened with his bird.

    The bird's owner loves zombie movies and watches them frequently. One night, he heard a zombie like moaning sound. He turned on the lights, and he parrot said "Hello". Turn out the light, zombie noises. The parrot had learned to make zombie moaning sounds when it was dark!

    Well, no big deal right? No more zombie movies when the parrot is present, and hopefully the parrot will eventually forget.

    A while later, the owner had to leave the bird overnight at a vet. The next day, when he went to the vet, the bird was outside (presumably in it's cage) with a note saying "Never bring this bird here again. It terrified all the other animals all of last night!"

    If you see the idea of a parrot making zombie noises show up in a short film, you now know where the idea came from!
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    What a great, funny story :p
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    Wow I don't know how I missed this one in person. That is great.

    Now I am just curious which of the kiva staff has a friend wanting to get rid of a zombie parrot. :)
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