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    I went to the FTU at LAX in November. I'll share my feedback which I have already provided to Randy.

    It was my first, and overall, it was useful, particularly the session led by Randy on new and up-and-coming companies if the FF arena.
    First, during one of the sessions, the audience was given a series of "secret" information that couldn't be shared in blogs. This consisted of codes for businesses to use in securing better hotel rates, an IATA code to obtain points, and info on securing cheap rooms as a distressed traveler. I tried all of these on over 30 occasions; they NEVER worked. Perhaps some validation of this secret information is in order.
    Second, there was a raffle in which I was lucky enough to win several times. The item of substance was a systemwide upgrade on UA. It was not available onsite so I left my email. No one contacted me. Finally, Randy emailed me. The upgrade MEVER materialized, and apparently, would have expired on Dec 31, 2012 anyway. The raffle was heavily promoted and the proceeds went to Randy's charity (although I never got a tax ID number for a deduction) so it's not so bad BUT it leaves a bad taste that I thought I won something (as did 400 other people) when I did not.

    Maybe there's some better planning for the next FTU-Phoenix or Seattle (if in summer)

    Jim P
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    You've been in communication with more than one of us and Randy has personally offered one of his hard earned SWU even it was made ABSOLUTELY clear at the FTU both in writing and verbally that the SWUs donated by other attendants has an expiration end of year or end of January. Systemwide upgrades are not paper, they haven't been for a long time, so in order to get these redeemed, you have to communicate with the person that has donated them and after hundreds of donated SWUs to various events, this is the first I've heard that it hasn't worked out

    But in your case, the FTU staff has gone above and beyond to accomodate you, that's why I'm a little puzzled why you are posting here that you haven't been made whole when in fact you have, you have an offer for an SWU that's still current.

    I suggest you take this offline with Randy or myself.
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