*FRUSTRATED* with Biz Select Product on WN!!!

Discussion in 'Southwest Airlines | Rapid Rewards' started by cordray2643, Mar 13, 2012.

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    Maybe someone can tell me why I continue to get BP late in the Biz Select group! I am A+ and book my BS tickets about 10 days out. I notice that the people in front of me do not have A List on their BP, let alone A+. How do they assigned the numbers in Biz Select? All BS pay the same amount for a ticket, why does my status mean nothing in boarding order?

    Today, I am on a flight GSP-BWI-STL. Booked 10 days ago and got to the airport and got A7 and A5. A7 was the last spot for BS GSP-BWI. We'll see about the BWI-STL leg (I am currently on the GSP-BWI flight--yeah WIFI!).

    Maybe someone can help explain this to me!

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