Frustrated! - Call for help in booking an itinerary

Discussion in 'Mileage Runs/Travel Hacking' started by catharsis, May 20, 2011.

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    I've spent some time now looking for any website which would allow me to
    1. specify a 4-leg multi-segment itinerary.​
    2. specify the class of service (because the cheapest available class gives 0 miles!)​

    .... and I cannot find one. I have tried the usual suspects but cannot seem to get any of them to select the exact itinerary I want.

    I have decided as a last resort to post the itinerary in question here in full in the hope that such a 'challenge' may be of interest to someone... so ....

    Can anyone actually get a website to price/book the itinerary below? If there is a desire not to 'broadcast' such a site then a PM pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated also.

    Alternatively if there is any TA out there who would like the business (and the associated hotels, car rentals etc for a 29-night tour of Asia/ South Pacific) and.or anyone can recommend a TA who might be able to help please feel free to respond here or to PM me.

    (Apologies if this last is construed as solicitation and mods please feel free to remove the paragraph above in that case.)

    (btw, for info a very similar itinerary in 'R' class prices successfully with Orbitz @ around us$750 or so, or did some days ago - but I cannot figure out how to force the Z Class on the CDG-CAN leg which I really want)


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