Frontier Airlines says goodbye to the cookie

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    That warm chocolate chip cookie that airline passengers relished -- and that helped Milwaukee's Midwest Airlines claim "the best care in the air" -- will fade into history at the end of the month, like the airline itself that's been swallowed up by competitors.

    In a memo to company employees, Frontier Airlines officials announced Friday that they're removing the complimentary warm cookies from in-flight service.

    In their place, bags of Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Crackers or Barnum's Animal Crackers will be offered, the company said. The snacks will be complimentary, however, only for the carrier's Ascent, Summit, Classic and Classic Plus customers, and unaccompanied minors. Those flying economy will have to pay $1 for the crackers, the statement said.

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    From my blog

    Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?​
    Frontier Airlines stole the cookie from the cookie jar.​

    F9: Who, me?

    Yes, you!​

    F9: Couldn't be?

    Then who?​
    That's right folks! Frontier Airline has stolen the last cookie from the cookie jar! And as of May 1, the scrumptious cookie will be gone!


    For those of your who aren't aware, Frontier Airlines started serving the Midwest Express famous cookies after Republic Airlines merged Frontier Airlines and Midwest Express into a single brand in April of 2010. The Midwest Express cookies was the reason why so many fliers loved flying Midwest Express and in recent years Frontier. On flights longer than 2 hours, flight attendants would Bake the cookies on board the aircraft. The smell of homemade chocolate chip cookies would resonant throughout the cabin bringing joyful bliss to everyone who took a whiff. I honestly only flew frontier once, however the smell of chocolate chip cookies at 32,000 feet was a godsend!

    However, now after 26 years of flying together, Midwest Express (now F9) will be ditching the famous Milwaukee Sendik's Food Market cookie for complimentary Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers and Barnum's Animal Crackers. Frontier airline's spokeperson said these snacks will be "free for Ascent, Summit, Classic and Classic Plus customers. The animal snack options are nonperishable, run less risk of waste, are a better value and align better with the Frontier brand."

    Notice that F9 makes it sound as though basically all customers will get the free snack, however when exploring Frontier's website I noticed that three types of fares, Classic, Classic Plus, and the dreadful economy. Yet, please note there's no difference between these three fare types, except that economy is 100% unbundled, Classic includes 2 check bags and free animal crackers, and Classic Plus offers all the same but 150% bonus miles, free upgrade to stretch seating (exit row) and is refundable. Yet either way, all three classes are the back of the bus standard economy seat, for Frontier only has ONE class of service. However as Frontier Airlines claims: stale, processed, nonperishable, non-unique crackers fits Frontier's brand better.

    Yet I ask Frontier one question, what part of your slogan "A whole new animal" does stale crackers fit? Sure the LCC model has stolen the cookie from the cookie jar, but if you want to be different, don't follow your competitors lead, offer something unique, like Fresh cookies!
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    So sad! I lived in Wisconsin (grad school at Madison - go Badgers!) when my boyfriend, now husband, was still in Boston. I flew Midwest about every 6 weeks and ate my fair share of their delicious cookies. I always made sure to get milk for my beverage! I haven't had the opportunity to fly Frontier since 2008 (~merger), but I will mourn the last airborne cookie. And I'll eat the crap out of some Sendik's cookies when I'm in Milwaukee this September. :)

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