Frontier Airlines customers finally get frequent flier miles transferred to Delta Air Lines

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    Frontier Airlines and Delta Air Lines have resolved the complaints of every one of the 42 Journal Sentinel readers who had trouble getting their frequent flier miles transferred from one airline to the other during a promotional program last year and whose complaints the Public Investigator forwarded to the government.

    The promotional program to transfer frequent flier miles was launched last summer as a courtesy to Frontier's Wisconsin customers who would have fewer opportunities to use their accumulated miles because the airline was drastically cutting down on its flights out of Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee.

    More than 61,000 customers successfully transferred their miles from Frontier EarlyReturns miles to Delta SkyMiles before the deadline Aug. 31.

    But several hundred readers who had completed the steps to transfer their miles before the deadline never got their conversion.

    Dozens contacted the Public Investigator after reading a Journal Sentinel story in December about other customers who had the same problem.

    Many said they called and emailed the airlines repeatedly over several months to get their transfers and were told to wait a few more weeks for the miles to show up. The next time they called or emailed, they were told it was too late because the promotion had ended.

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