From nut rage to noodle fights: 2014's top 6 crazy plane stories

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    It appears 'plane' stupidity ruled the skies in 2014. Here we look back at the six most bizarre aviation-related shenanigans of last year...

    It's a sad fact, of course, that 2014 will be chiefly remembered for the series of tragedies that befell the Malaysian air industry with the loss of so many lives.

    But on the lighter side we've almost struggled to keep up with the bizarre antics of pilots, passengers, cabin crew and airline executives around the globe. Remember the intrepid Russian passengers who hopped out and pushed their frozen aircraft to the runway in Siberia? The stinking river of human waste which floated down the aisles from a leaking loo on an aborted Virgin Australia flight from Los Angeles to Sydney? Or the Arizona woman who was reunited with her lost luggage after 20 years?
    Well, they're good - but not good enough! Here's the official TNT list of our favourite half-dozen aeroplane antics during 2014.

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    I like the guy who took the wings off his plane and used it as a vehicle on city roads. Not charged with drinking and driving, I see.
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