Fresh food coming to JetBlue

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    Following on the announcement earlier today that better beer will soon be on board JetBlue flights there is also the news that better food is coming, at least on a few routes. JetBlue has sold snack boxes on-board for just over three years; that program is now being augmented by a fresh food trial set to roll out on July 16th. The program will be limited – only three routes and only two months – with a decision on expanding it to come after the trial ends.
    A photo from the internal JetBlue email showing some of the potential fresh food options due on board this summer.
    In an email sent to in-flight crew members earlier today some details of the program were announced:
    We’re excited to announce that for a limited time, we’re expanding our EatUp program to include fresh food options! From July 16 through September 15 we will introduce fresh food on our JFK-SFO, JFK-LAX and JFK-LGB routes.

    While we are eager to enter a full-scale fresh food program, we will be using this two-month introductory period to present a variety of products and make adjustments based on sales and Customer/Crewmember feedback.

    We will examine your feedback, sales, the cost of a full scale program, operational impact to all departments involved, and the added value that a fresh food offering will bring to our brand before deciding to when we will branch into more markets.​
    A JetBlue spokeswoman confirmed the details in the release, adding that the trial is about ensuring that the company can handle the logistics of catering the flights reliably and also providing “a quality product to customers at a price point which is meaningful to them.” But, most importantly, JetBlue is “[L]ooking forward to introducing something that customers will really enjoy, not just regular airplane food.”
    More details about the program – including pricing – should be forthcoming in the next few days.
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