Frequent Flyer Strategies for a Student

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    Hi everyone,

    I a college senior and am going to be doing a one-year MBA program next year (Fall 2014 - Spring 2015) that focuses on international business and emerging markets. Because of the nature of the program, it has us traveling to three different continents (Africa/Middle East, China/SEA, and South America) for roughly 5-6 weeks at a time. While there, nearly everything is covered in the program tuition (i.e. accommodations, food, domestic transport); however, the airfare to get to the locations is not.

    So this brings me to my question I have for you all: what is the best way to take advantage of mileage programs to reduce the cost of my overseas trips?

    Currently, I have an account with United and have racked up roughly 60,000points with them, and have signed up for the Barclay Arrival Card that I will begin using soon. Any other tips or suggestions you may have please feel free to let me know.
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    It's not at all the question you're asking, but are you sure that this MBA program is a good idea for you as a career investment? Typical MBA programs (not the Executive MBA programs for those with lots of business experience at the managerial/executive level) last two full academic years. The best almost always require several years of business experience and discourage applications from college seniors. Have you thoroughly checked out how highly this program is rated and what their placement record is? Low ranked MBA programs can be a waste of time and money.
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    Similar to MSP's point I'd strongly recommend thinking about going and getting full-time work experience prior to MBA.

    I worked for F500 in Finance for 6 years before starting MBA program (Top 5). Those years are going to be a time of incredible growth and may influence your concentration in program and/ or even cause you to reconsider whether it's necessary to spend $50-$100k on graduate degree.

    Post MBA I spent a couple years in investment banking and am now back on the corporate side so have seen a lot.

    If desire, ping me w/ your email and would be happy to connect.
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