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    Frequent Flyer Originals
    Now open: Frequent Flyer Originals - The chosen apparel of frequent travelers! From Milepoint baggage tags to MegaDO and FTU T-shirts and Kiva merchandise, you will find it all here! Take a look today!

    My Personal Review of Milepoint
    With over two years of posting by the community on Milepoint, it’s time to look back and evaluate how it’s going... and where it should go into the future. What do you love about Milepoint? What are we missing? Weigh in and give us your feedbackbecause we love to hear it!

    Sliding Door Suites Coming to JetBlue!
    As a new, interesting addition to the market, JetBlue will be introducing “multi-suites” meant to give occupants more privacy. While travelers await further details, we have to ask the important question - how will upgrades work?

    What Are Your Greatest Regrets as a Frequent Flier?
    Have you collected enough miles? Have you redeemed enough miles? Do you wish you had flown Concord when you had the chance? Is there a long list of vacation destinations you have yet to cross off? These are all valid reasons for regret when looking at the years of frequent travel behind you. What are your greatest regrets and how do you plan to make up for it moving forward?

    How Technology Is Changing Your Travel Experience
    From photos compiled from facial recognition on cruise ships to hotel rooms with fingerprint readers, it’s not hard to see that times are changing and that technology is driving it. Are the changes enriching your travel experiences or would you rather see more technological improvements in the travel market?
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