Frequent Flier: In Midflight, Playing Cupid

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    Offered without commentary other than it seems too "cheesy" for a NY Times Travel article:).

    I was in Chicago headed to Knoxville, Tenn., and because the flight was late, I had a lot of time to talk to a young couple who struck up a conversation with me. We got along really well and were having a lot of fun.
    They were on their way home from a romantic trip to Hawaii, and they were so obviously very much in love that it was almost comical. When the girl went to go buy some snacks, her boyfriend told me that he had hoped to ask her to marry him on the trip but every time he tried, things just weren’t perfect. He wanted to do it before they got home and resumed their crazy schedules....[...]

    About the piece's author:
    Q. How often do you fly?
    A. On average about twice a month, sometimes more, sometimes less, but almost always domestic.
    Q. What’s your least favorite airport?
    A. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson. It’s just the most horrible airport anywhere, with so many delays, angry employees and gate changes for no apparent reason. I swear I’ve broken Olympic records racing from gate to gate.
    Q. Of all the places you’ve been, what’s the best?
    A. Seville, Spain. Great food, people and scenery.
    Q. What’s your secret airport vice?
    A. Getting my shoes shined. Even if I wear sneakers, I’ll go to a shoeshine place. The people who do the work are a lot of fun.

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