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    Make a Donation to MHYACF (support classic music), Fly Business/First Class as a Reward

    Update on April 20 at 1 PM CST: Still have 1 GPUs expiring on April 31, 2014. Please read the instructions below and PM if your are interested.

    Update on January 20 at 11 AM:
    Still have 2 GPUs and 3 RPUs expiring on January 31, 2014. Please read the instructions below and PM if your are interested.

    Update on January 1 at 3 PM: Happy New Year! Still have a few GPUs and RPUs available. Please read the instructions below and PM me if your are interested.

    Update on December 28 at 1 AM:
    After writing over 100 emails and giving out 6 GPUs and 6 RPUs to several happy recipients, I feel numbness in my thumb.
    • I want to thank everyone who have expressed interest, and I am sorry that I couldn't respond to some emails as my free upgrade offers were quickly exhausted.
    • I especially feel sorry for not able to offer assistance to some folks who have illness or physical discomfort and could really benefit from an upgrade.
    • I also want to thank people who said profound kind words to me and to MHYACF, knowing many of them didn't receive the upgrade.
    • Most recipients promised to make a charity donation (I didn't insist) - I have receive one so far but I trust that most people will keep their promises.
    New Project starting December 28: Make a Donation to MHYACF (support classic music), Fly Business/First Class as a Reward - I do have a few "reserve" GPUs and RPUs that I can share. However, the Foundation was under severe budget pressure so I want to utilize the remaining upgrades to entice and maximize donor contribution. The new rules are:
    • Please visit the MHYACF website and PM me about your desire to make a donation (form and amount);
    • Tell me your travel itinerary and desired upgrade - please check UA Upgrade rule to make sure your tickets are eligible;
    • Upon mutual agreement, donation will be made and upgrade will be awarded.
    • Serious inquiry only. No more "man, can I get 2 GPUs for my trip to Maui?"
    • I reserve the right to pick the appropriate donors to receive the upgrade award.
    • Please factor in the amount of savings with the upgrade and consider a generous donation.

    Thank you very much.

    PS. I feel so powerless with my meager upgrade credit. I am sure my fellow frequent flyers have some GPUs and RPUs to spare. Instead of letting them expire, please PM me if you are interested in donating yours to help other travelers and support the MHYACF. Thank you.

    Update on Dec 24 at 7 PM: I received about 40 requests so far so please no more request as I only have limited upgrades. I will review the requests already in on a case by case basis and award them based on trip description, upgrade feasibility, and willingness to give back. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

    Update on Dec 24 at 3 PM
    : I received 20+ requests within two hours so I may have to make some selections/decisions. A short note like "man, can I get an upgrade" may not grab my attention. So please spend a few minutes write down the reason for you to request the upgrade and your thoughts on charity giving.

    Please check the following site for UA Upgrade rules / restrictions. Thank you.

    Original Announcement: I am an UA Global Services member and I have 8 UA global and 7 regional premier upgrades expiring January 31, 2014, and more upgrades expiring in January 31, 2015. I would like to share these updrade with you and your family, or even your friends, for FREE.

    I know you would wonder: What's the catch? Is this too good to be true? Well, frankly speaking, I was thinking about some UA miles in exchange after reading some posts here, but I quickly decided that it was against UA rules. So yes I am offering the upgrades for FREE.

    If you or your friends want to express some gratitude after receiving the upgrade, I will offer an opportunity with a noble cause. I am on the board of a non-profit organization called Mika Hasler Young Artist Competition Foundation (MHYACF). The mission and description can be found at

    The Foundation is trying to raise money to support the 2014 competition. Believe it or not, the founder called me this morning asking for fund campaign status. So I will be grateful if you and your friends want to share the holiday spirit and make a donation to support young musicians. I will provide you with an EIN number for tax deduction.

    Please let me know if you are interested and have any questions. Thank you. Merry Christmas. Travel safely.

    PS. Someone contacted me yesterday for regional upgrade and they were upgraded to first class immediately (departing today).
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    Welcome to MP, and thanks for offering to share your perks. If you ever get an AA version of those I'll be the first to reply! :p

    Happy holidays.
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    Welcome to Milepoint. Thanks for your kindness during this holiday season. I am sending you an e-mail to join the many others that you have received.
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    I have no need for the items. Very generous of you, Happy Holidays and good luck with your cause.
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    Just wanted to add my welcome to @pikachu6315

    I'm not in need of upgrades, but this is a great way to introduce yourself to our community. I'd be happy to support your organization :) Sending an email now...
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    I have a GPU expiring on April 15, 2016. Please let me know if you have any interest.

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