Free Travel Days with Eurail Pass Purchase

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    From Washington Post Travel:

    Get Extra Days of Free Travel with Eurail Passes

    By Carol Sottili, Saturday, February 28, 2015

    Book a Eurail Global continuous pass by March 30 and receive two extra days of free travel with a 15-day pass, three free days with a 21-day pass and five free days with a one-month pass. The promotion applies to continuous-day travel in 28 countries, including Austria, Italy and Turkey. Also, Eurail now allows up to two children per paying adult to ride free on select Eurail passes. The kids-free pricing, new this year, applies to children ages 4 through 11 (children younger than 4 already ride free) traveling on Eurail Global, Eurail Select, Regional Eurail and One-Country Eurail passes. For example, an adult and two children traveling first class on the 15-day continuous pass now receive 17 days of travel for $662; in 2014, the trip would have cost $1,724. Tickets are available via multiple vendors, including Rail Europe. Call 800-622-8600[​IMG]800-622-8600 FREE or for more information.
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