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    I read on a blog that the TripDoc app is free this weekend (6/10-6/12 I assume). I downloaded it for my iPhone ( I assume it is also free for Android ) and it looks like it is worth downloading for free. It probably can be useful for trip planning and the mapping feature sounds cool.
    The regular price is $4.99 which sounds a bit steap.
  2. It's a great little app and getting better. It helps you organize all the places you want to go -- you can add your hotel, places recommended to you by friends, and see all the places on one map and check off places you've been, share them with friends, etc.

    I'm one of the developers of TripDoc, and I'd love to know what you think, features you'd like to see added, etc.

    There is no Android version yet, but we're working on it. We do have a simple Windows Phone 7 version.

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    That's a bad question to ask around these parts, because members like me will see it as the green light to give you a truckload of feedback ;)

    I'm also a digital marketing and communications professional by trade, who also has a 10yr+ background in IT across systems support, development, user experience, application design, usability, policy, etc. I've also stress-tested quite a few mobile apps in my time, so you can take the

    Ok, based on the information available and without having fired up the app - here's some initial feedback, constructive criticism and questions:
    1. Support/User documentation: This is non-existent on your website. Before I buy an app, I want to know what it does, how it works, and can I bring data in from other sources to populate it (write once, read many)
    2. Universal app?: Is this a universal app which can be displayed a high res on an iPad, instead of having to use the 2x button? If so, please add screenshots to iTMS to show what it looks like - and if not Universal, then please make it so.
    3. Data import: What if I've planned my trip activities somewhere else, say a wiki or another travel planning application which doesn't give me all the features I need. Can I import a KML or geoRSS file or connect it to another travel planning service (say TripIt) to populate the app? If it is none of these options, what is it, what file format, is it a speciality format or something that'll require a user with a bit of a clue to do correctly?
    4. Navigation and guidance: If I am somewhere else and want to go to a specific location, will it give me information and assistance to get there?
    5. Calendar integration: Say I'm planning to travel to a specific venue at a specific time which is marked in my calendar, will it detect this, and provide linkage methods to bring me into the app for guidance or venue information? Is this done by appending the calendar entry, or using the notification system that brings me into the app?
    6. Adding new places: Say I'm adding in a place I've not visited before - do I have to type in all the information, or will it use information sources to gather the information I need to save time?
    7. App integration and awareness: Say I'm visiting a restaurant, does the app integrate with sites/apps like Urbanspoon to easily access additional information such as cusine, opening hours and reviews? Same for other types of venues such as attractions, tours, museums, etc?
    All these points aside, I'm really trying to figure out what the unique selling proposition (USP) of this application is? From the limited information on your site and the screenshots, there is nothing in your app which I can't already do with another site, app or service - and that includes within groups of friends so they all stay up to date and on course with the same information.

    Further, the other apps on the market already do this much better, specially when it comes to integration of travel plans, times and schedule integration.

    For your app to be successful, there needs to be a clear USP which sets it apart from the rest of the pack - and it's regrettable that right now that just isn't there, which until resolved will prevent you enjoying real commercial success from it.

    Key suggestions going forward:
    1. Learn from other applications: Please for the love of small furry animals, look at what other applications are out there within your marketspace - and learn from them. Do a SWAT analysis as part of this, and feed what you learn from this back into your roadmap. This will allow you to identify exactly what is unique about your app that others don't do, which you can then use as both a development ethos as well as the key point you make in all your marketing and communications around the app.
    2. Produce clear online documentation: Never assume your customer will just know how to use your product in the way you intended. Provide clear explanation, examples and demonstrations of how to use and get the most out of this application.
    3. Integrate: If the integration is already there, include this in your documentation. If not, ensure your development roadmap clearly identifies and defines what are the most valuable integration opportunities to pursue - and go after these milestones with vigour and determination.
    4. Fix the human interface factors: I would strongly suggest you read and commit to memory the iOS Human Interface Design (HID) guidelines, and make sure your application follows these to the absolute letter. White text against midnight blue at such a small font size makes things difficult to read.
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    $2.99 for WP7.

    Does it feature offline maps?

    When I am out of the country and roaming, data charges are mega high, so I would like to have pre-stored maps on hand for key locations. Not as good as live maps, but much, much less expensive.

    Would be nice to have a video on the website that gives a review of the app. I
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    Is there a Blackberry version now or planned?

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