Free Parking Glitch Costs Sea-Tac Airport $400,000

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    If you study your credit card bills closely, you might have figured this one out already. If not, the Port of Seattle may have a little holiday gift for you.
    Sea-Tac International Airport, run by the Port of Seattle, has given away nearly $400,000 in unintentionally free parking this year. That news comes courtesy of the Washington State Auditor’s Office.

    Auditors say a malfunctioning credit card machine has allowed about 11,000 cars to park free this year in the airport parking garage. Drivers may not have noticed until now, since their parking-ticket receipts said their credit cards had been charged.

    Sea-Tac Airport has one of the world’s largest parking garages. Automatic ticket machines in some of its 14 exit lanes let drivers swipe their credit cards then spit out their tickets as receipts. That’s why the machines have an odd nickname: “ticket spitters.”
    One ticket spitter failed to spit out charges to credit card companies. That saved each lucky driver an average of $37.

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