Free Museum Entrance Days

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  1. Starting Valentine’s Day Italy’s association of state museums, MiBAC, is offering two for one entrance for couples over the weekend of February 12 and 13. In 2011, there was a new program introduced called Art that Wishes You a Happy Birthday it grants free entrance to all state-owned museums nationally to Italian and European union nationals on their birthday, with valid identification. For those nationals whose birthdays fall on a day that the museum is closed, you can enter free on the next day it is opened.
    Here are some days that there are free entrance to museums.

    March 8th Woman’s Day

    Free entry to women only
    April 16th to 25th, Culture Week
    Free entry to all
    May 1st Labor Day
    Reduced 1 euro

    May 14th Evening at the Museum

    Free entry for all from 8pm to 2pm
    September 25th and 26th, European Heritage Days
    Free entry for all
    October 3rd, Paper Sundays
    Free entry for all to state libraries and archives
    November 20th, Museum in Music
    Free concerts for all in over 150 museums
    Monthly, Art Tuesdays
    Free entry for all in the evenings
    Every last Tuesday of the month
    Palazzo Vecchio
    Information sourced from The Florentine

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