Free air miles for in-flight doctors

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    Turkish Airlines has become the latest carrier to reward doctors with free air miles if they identify themselves when booking a flight.

    The scheme, already offered by Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines, aims to make it easier to find medically-qualified passenger in the event of an emergency.
    Although airline cabin crew do receive medical training, many prefer a GP or nurse to be present to administer drugs or conduct tests.

    “We know where the medical doctors are sitting in advance, and the cabin attendants can call them to help us,” Dr Temel Kotil, chief executive of Turkish Airlines, told the Independent.
    The most common in-flight emergencies are minor conditions such as dizziness and gastric problems, which are often aggravated by altitude, fatigue, or consumption of alcohol and sedatives.

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    Just another reason it makes sense to become a doctor!

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