Freddie Awards to return in 2012

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    The “New” Freddies Are the Result of An Agreement Between Frequent Flyer Guru Randy Petersen and the Frequent Traveler Education Foundation

    Colorado Springs, Colo. (July 25, 2011) -
    Randy Petersen, publisher of InsideFlyer magazine, and the Frequent Traveler Education Foundation (FTEF) today reached an agreement to relaunch the Freddie Awards. The “Freddies” were awarded from 1988-2009 and during that time were widely recognized by frequent flyers and travel industry executives alike as the preeminent award designed to honor frequent travel loyalty programs that offer the best value to members.

    Originally introduced by Petersen in 1988, the Freddie Awards were the first to bestow honors based on loyalty program member votes. The famously obelisk shaped crystal awards, utilized by many airline and hotel programs in their advertising, were hand delivered to the recipients by Petersen himself until 1998, when the first Freddie Award ceremony was held in New York City.

    With hundreds of thousands of travelers participating in the balloting, the Freddes were truly the voice of the frequent traveler. “It was deeply disappointing when I made the decision to discontinue the Freddie Awards after the 2009 ceremony,” said Petersen. “But today I feel a great sense of joy and certainly relief as the Freddies are set to make their return with a promise to be better than ever before.”

    As a result of this agreement, the Frequent Traveler Awards, an event previously produced by the FTEF will be discontinued.

    “Our driving motivation for introducing the Frequent Traveler Awards was to continue the amazing legacy established by the Freddie Awards,” said Tommy Danielsen, President of FTEF. “This agreement is a testament to our belief that there is no better way to preserve the legacy of the Freddies than by reviving the original, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of it.”

    Development of an updated Freddie Awards Web site and balloting interface has already begun and travelers can now register their email addresses to receive updates on the awards.

    A Freddie Awards ceremony is tentatively scheduled for April 2012 in New York.

    About the Freddie Awards
    The original Freddie Awards were founded by frequent flyer guru Randy Petersen in 1988 as a way to give voice to the frequent traveler and to recognize the most popular travel loyalty programs. The awards, held from 1988-2009, were inspired by Sir Freddie Laker, who in 1978 was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his contribution to commercial aviation and the British economy. Known for his pioneering marketing ideas within the travel industry in the 1970s, Laker founded Britain's first all-jet air carrier, Laker Airways Limited. He also founded the "SKYTRAIN" service, which revolutionized the airline industry by offering no-reservation, low-cost air service. The aviation industry and the world lost a great pioneer when Sir Freddie Laker, the namesake of the Freddie Awards, died on Feb. 9, 2006.

    About the Frequent Traveler Education Foundation
    Founded in 2010, the Frequent Traveler Education Foundation (FTEF) represents the collaboration of travelers with a passion for loyalty programs and a desire to honor and thank the very best programs for the value that they bring to their members. The FTEF hosted the first Frequent Traveler Awards in Houston in 2010 and in New York in 2011. Over one million individuals participated in voting for the 2011 awards. In addition to collaborating with the Freddie Awards, the FTEF produces educational events for the traveling public.
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    Thats great to hear... the first time I attended an offline FT DO was the final Freddie Awards! After the great strides shown by the FTEF for the past two FTAwards, this combined effort can only make both events better!

    Good luck, and look forward to seeing you at the Freddies!
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    Working on this is going to be one of the great honors that I've ever had.
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