Four Steps to Launching a Loyalty Program

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  1. Two key ingredients for small business success are encouraging customer loyalty and promoting purchase behavior. One way to accomplish these is by creating a loyalty program -- a tailored marketing plan that rewards customers for their participation.

    These programs can range from simple punch cards (i.e. buy six muffins, get a seventh free) to store-branded credit cards that reward redeemable points.There are distinct advantages to having a formal loyalty strategy in place, including having a means to maximize opportunities and to grow your business in a more strategic and viral way.

    The most exciting thing is that you can build the program at your own pace, on your own budget and to your liking. Once your program is firing on all cylinders, you'll develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your loyal customers which, in turn, should provide you with insights that will allow you to strategically outshine your competition.

    Here are four practical tips for starting your own loyalty program (link to LoyaltyMatch OnDemand has also published four loyalty program insight reports including questions every loyalty program manager should ask. They can be downloaded at

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