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  1. Both London and Hong Kong are superior to George V. The GV Hotel had the following issues :
    a waiter that mocked my disability while I was trying to speak French. We arrived at 3.00pm (check in time) and the room was not ready. I thought 'Le Cinq' was a bit too old fashioned and had very little in the way of modern cooking techniques. Also the bedroom had no bath with no prior warning. It seems to me also the hotel tries to look good rather than being good. For a hotel that is considered the chains best it seems to have a lot of problems. What worries me is that for the most part the staff are caring but the management does not seem to care about the little things. The flowers by Jeff are nice and stunning pastries amazing the spa is okay nothing like Hong Kong's or London's.
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  2. I found the hotels service to be spotty at best and needs to be more streamlined
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  3. Hong Kong Four Seasons and London to be excellent, but maybe because its in Hong Kong, the Four Seasons the exc club is well worth it and I found Caprice and Lung King Heen to be excellent and they will both get 3 Michelin stars this year. I also feel the pool when I did not have an infected foot to be excellent and resort quality. I also believe the room is one of the best I have seen. London had an amazing team as well not as good as Hong Kong but the spa and hotel are 5 star material.
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  4. Can I ask a question is the Four Seasons Paris the best of a bad lot ?
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    You clear had one or more disappointing experiences in Paris. I've been to all three of these properties and indeed they are different - but each very strong in their respective markets. There are some cultural aspects that factor in at each location too.

    I've never seen a customer's disability "mocked" at any of these properties. Without knowing all the details of your situation, from the 15+ nights I've stayed at the GV, whatever transpired for you is clearly is an outlier situation. Inexcusable either way....but not indicative.

    That said, there are plenty of other strong properties in Paris willing to take your thousands of euros! :)

    What does this mean?
  6. We had a room that had a shower but sans bath. My mum did not want to shift. But should we changed hotels?

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