Former airline employee accused of skimming $480,000

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    As an American Airlines ticket agent, Micheline Johnson had easy access to other people's credit cards -- so easy, police say, she went on a half-million-dollar shopping spree while working at Mineta San Jose International Airport.
    Johnson used airline customers' credit card numbers to purchase $100 gift cards from different Safeways two or three times every day, bundling the gift cards to later buy items such as iPhone 4s and iPads from Best Buy and other stores, and then selling the items on eBay, authorities said Wednesday in a lengthy police report.
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    The only evident way this could work is to simply steal or write down docs that have the number and the PIN of the customer. Not sure how the employee could have taken the card to go to a Safeway? Interesting. Thanks for the post.
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    The other way is to copy the information on the magnetic strip and then put it on another card which skimmers then use at establishments. This is actually why some merchants input the last 4 digits or the code printed on the card ... skimmers will use another credit card to "impersonate" yours which then gets detected when the rest of the information doesn't match.

    While it used to be that folks had to use 2 separate devices, in the last several years this has been known to happen at establishments and even ATMs where skimmers add another reader to the device and read/copy the info as you insert and remove your card into the actual reader for the establishment/ATM.

    Sad and a bit scary ... makes me happy to have the fraud detection and warranties on my cards :)
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