Forced to credit revenue flying to DL SM... :(

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    Aaaaargh!! You know how much the shark hates this....

    Flew G3, first, intra-Brasil...and discovered that bilateral with CM CM doesn't permit G3 accumulation, at least not according to the scant published table, although apparently it does permit redemption. Sooo.... forced to use DL SM number.

    Then, AM, CUN-MEX. Professional service from AM, as usual. Better than actual DL experience... however, using my DL SM Medallion number did permit me to select AM Plus seat at airport kiosk re-checkin. The previous night, during OLCI, it had not permitted this. AM Plus row 6 seat on the AM 73G was great, offering much more legroom than the J cabin.

    On the upside, at least I didn't actually have to pay DL for the tickets...

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