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    I recall there was one, possibly several, recent cases in which a parent objected to her kids having to watch an R-rated movie on a flight. Today I saw one such case reaching "America's Court with Judge Kevin Ross" show. The parent was a pleasant polite woman, and the unnamed (United?) airline was represented by a spokesman from Corporate Communications. During the flight in question the woman, who was not even wearing headphones, became concerned when she saw some "crude and vulgar" scenes shown on all screens, while her young kids were watching in amazement. She complained to the crew and asked them to turn the movie off. Instead the captain diverted the flight and had that family ejected, before continuing the flight.

    Judge Ross found the airline actions unreasonable, and ordered them to pay $500 to the plaintiff in compensation. It was a small claims court, but I guess others might take notice now.
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    Some of the PG-13 movies out there (let alone R-rated) nowadays contain some subject matter mature enough to make me concerned if my 3 year old was watching.

    As examples, The Dark Knight, The Avengers and The Hunger Games are rated PG-13, and I think all of them have scenes that would be problematic for a kid. On the ground you can manage this, either by restricting access to the TV or the movie theater, and it's your choice whether your kid watches that kind of stuff. But on a plane (especially one of the older ones with a central entertainment system) you don't get that option.
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