For Aeroplan, should this count as 1 segment or 2

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    Last week I flew BOS-MCO on UA.

    It was 1 flight number BUT, it involved a stop at EWR with approx. 2 hour layover and a change of planes - plus I paid for PE on one segment, and would have been required to pay for the second segment had I wanted to continue with that level of luxury.

    I see on my latest altitude "recent transactions" that I was given credit for 1 segment for this experience. It seems that the only thing common was the flight number.

    To make matters worse, they lost one of my bags (I was heading south to golf for a few days so I checked clubs and suitcase - luckily clubs were fine!) and when it caught up to me in Orlando, my beautiful Tumi suitcase had been badly damaged.

    1 segment may not be such a big deal, but I'm always close to 95 an usually end up doing a segment run or 2 in November/December (not last year where I hit 95 in June).

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    If its the same flight number it will always be counted as one segment. The way to beat that is get a different f;right at the connection station.

    EG...when I sometimes do YYZ/YVR/HKG I take a different flight number from YYZ to YVR and get additional miles plus two segments.
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